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Construction of causeway at Simaliya-Khera Hanuman way
Ref ID: NIT No. 02 / 2016-17
Tender Publish Date: Aug 28, 2016
Tender Location: Baran, Rajasthan
Organisation: CAD CHAMBAL, KOTA
Construction of CC Road and Drain work at Village Sanwariya on Bhasu Sanwariya Road Narega
Ref ID: 08/2016-17
Tender Publish Date: Aug 25, 2016
Tender Location: Todaraisingh, Rajasthan
Organisation: PWD - CE AND AS
Strengthning and widening of Delhupur Raniganj Patti Kohandaur Road MDR 64E Ch 000 to 6100 in Pratapgarh
Ref ID: 3337/93C/E-Tendering/P.F.C/16 Dt 26.07.16
Tender Publish Date: Aug 24, 2016
Tender Location: Pratapgarh, Rajasthan
Organisation: Cheif Engineer Allahabad Zone PWD Allahabad,


Rajasthan, is India's largest state by area. It is located on the western side of the country, where it comprises most of the wide and inhospitable. It is located on the western side of the country, where it comprises most of the wide and inhospitable Thar Desert (also known as the "Rajasthan Desert" and "Great Indian Desert"). Rajasthan's economy is primarily agricultural and pastoral. Wheat and barley are cultivated over large areas, as are pulses, sugarcane, and oilseeds. Cotton and tobacco are the state's cash crops. Rajasthan is among the largest producers of edible oils in India and the second largest producer of oilseeds. Rajasthan is also the biggest wool-producing state in India and the main opium producer and consumer. Browse below and have access to all latest Rajasthan tenders, Rajasthan government tenders, live tenders in Rajasthan.

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